Limos are evil or at least the people who ride in them are.

That's the takeaway we get after learning that the United States government is getting out of having so many, or at least counting as many, according to The Huffington Post.

By 2010, the U.S. government owned 412 limos, according to the Government Services Administration, which the Center for Public Integrity reported was a 73-percent increase from 2008.

Of course, buying more of the 1 percenters' favorite mode of transportation doesn't have the political correctness that any administration wants during an election year, so the GSA was told to go back and recount.

In 2012, it appears that changing the definition of limos to "a vehicle with a lengthened wheelbase, generally driven by a dedicated driver" with possible customization, including "privacy panels" and stretching for capacity and comfort, really helped make the kind of cuts that politicians believe constituents want. What the new definition managed to accomplish was exclude less classy transportation like shuttle buses from the business of counting limousines.

With the new definition in place, the administration and its various agencies were able to shed 62 percent of its limos from 2010 down to a scant 158, though it's unclear if any vehicles were actually sold, scrapped or otherwise disposed. That issue is unimportant, only that there are now fewer limos used by government. The fact that high-powered people need limos to do work and concentrate on running the free world instead of driving is another issue all together.

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