Rumored plans for BMW to curtain production of its i-series of plug-in vehicles has so far been lost in translation, even if the language is still English.

At the opening of the world's first BMW i store in Hyde Park, London – where an updated version of the i3 will be displayed when the Olympics come to town – BMW said it is planning to make engines for its i8 plug-in hybrid in the UK, HybridCars reports. The i8, whose prototype was notably featured last year in "Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol," will have its engines made at BMW's factory near Birmingham, UK. That plant has produced more than three million BMW and Mini engines since 2001.

Automobile Magazine recently reported that BMW may delay or even discontinue much of the i line of vehicles because of fears over less-than-expected demand for the plug-ins and that BMW executives are in discussions about delaying or shelving plans because of lack of government incentives and EV-charging infrastructure. The i3 will deliver 170 horsepower, 170 pound-feet of torque and a 0-60 time of under eight seconds. In London, the company reiterated that the model will go into production next year.

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