China's IndyCar race cancelled due to... beer festival?

In China, as in most countries, drinking and driving don't mix. Not even when the driving is done by professional IndyCar drivers and the drinking is done miles away at a sanctioned beer festival.
Qingdao, China, announced in November that it was to host its first IndyCar race on August 19. The date was apparently chosen intentionally to coincide with the city's annual International Beer Festival.

But in March, the city elected a new mayor, and the new official apparently doesn't find any merit in the idea of holding two huge events concurrently, so he promptly cancelled the less important event. That would be the IndyCar race, of course. In his defense, Qingdao is the hometown of the Tsingtao Brewery and has held their beer fest the same weekend since 1991.

IndyCar Series CEO Randy Bernard now must find a replacement date for the race and there is speculation that a second date at Texas Motor Speedway on Oct. 7 is among the possibilities. That could work out better, seeing as how Dallas-Fort Worth had its beer festival back in April. Wherever the replacement race is run, it will be the final race of the season.

Bernard tells Sports Illustrated, "I don't think we need a decision right this minute," he said. "When we do it, we need to do it right and make sure it's the best fit for the series and the schedule and the championship race."

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