So there we were last night, quietly minding our own middle-class American business in a middle-class American restaurant chain when the first 2013 Scion FR-S commercial stormed in on one of the establishment's many televisions. And we do mean stormed in – the audio was noticeably louder than the other ads that bookended it. That was just fine by us, as the drifting red bolide made for some entertaining visuals on an otherwise humdrum evening.

The ad – which you can watch by scrolling down – is surprisingly direct and gimmick-free for Scion, a brand perhaps best known for its hipper-than-thou advertising and viral marketing efforts. We think it's simple and effective, fairly radiating the rear-wheel-drive FR-S' core mission of "Bringing Sport Back to the Car."

Apparently the message resonated with the restaurant's barkeep as well – he was the one who spiked the volume on the TV when the ad came on. Twice.

Scion FR-S Information

Scion FR-S

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