File this one under "too good to be true." A report on Inside Line that the forthcoming 2013 Hyundai Veloster Turbo would carry just a $1,600 premium over the standard version had us drooling with the possibility that a 201-horsepower Veloster with heated leather seats and BlueLink might be had for under $20,000.

Alas, Hyundai tells us that Inside Line got it wrong. The truth is that the $1,600 number reflects what the turbo component is actually costing the Korean automaker. Since the Veloster Turbo will also include the base model's $2,000 Style Package as standard equipment, the car will actually have a base price around $22,000 when Hyundai announces pricing details on Wednesday. (That's right where the price was expected to be when we last heard from Inside Line on the subject, by the way.)

We've also got some clarity about pricing for the matte gray finish we so covet. While an exact number for the extra-cost option is still under wraps, we're told our guess of around $500 is close. The Veloster Turbo goes on sale this summer.

Hyundai Veloster Information

Hyundai Veloster

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