So if you see a Smart ForTwo and a Mini racing down the streets of Berlin, here's why.

Parent companies Daimler AG and BMW are competing for car-sharing customers in the German capital and now offer car-sharing by the minute, Bloomberg News reports. When you're being charged in 60-second increments, that's enough to make most anyone hit the pedal a little harder.

Daimler's Car2Go and BMW's DriveNow charge 29 cents a minute (or about $17 an hour) to rent their SmartForTwos, BMW 1-series sedans and Minis. Daimler has 1,000 ForTwos to share in Berlin, while BMW has 500 vehicles as part of its service. The two German automakers are competing in a car-sharing market that's expected to surge during the next few years. The number of European car-sharing users will jump to 15 million in 2020 from 700,000 last year, according to Frost & Sullivan.

BMW launched DriveNow last year with Sixt AG, and the service has 9,500 subscribers in Berlin, Bloomberg said. Daimler launched its 1,000-vehicle car-sharing fleet – the world's largest – in Berlin in April.

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