Can't wait for Bentley to start producing the EXP 9 F? Sold on the idea but not on the execution? Armortech may be able to help you out.

They've teamed up with Atelier Valdeig to turn the Audi Q7 into something of a Bentley SUV, only without the Bentley badge. Called the Tresor (from the French word for "treasure"), the custom Q7 igets fully restyled, and boasts an interior that has been (or will be, from the look of the cabin renderings) retrofitted to Bentley-like levels of opulence.

The customizers can base their modifications on any version of the Q7, all the way up to the 493-horsepower V12 turbodiesel, and can even stretch the wheelbase or armor it – a particularly sought-after feature in markets where security is a luxury. The full press release is posted below, and you can check out the renderings in the photo gallery for a closer look.
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While there are many super sports cars, there is no such exclusive option in the SUV segment. To change this, the German design studio ATELIER VALDEIG created an ultra-luxury SUV concept for ARMORTECH-MOTORS GROUP. The company specialises in individual luxury car conversions and special protection vehicles for discerning customers.

The outcome of this collaboration is called the TRESOR. In French language the term means 'treasure'. In German it means 'safe' or 'strong room'. All this perfectly describes the project's goal: Offering luxury and safety at the top level.

That's why the car body and the interior of the TRESOR are intended to be manufactured by ARMORTECH's engineering partners, which develop and produce prototypes and small-scale series for Europe's leading sports and luxury car makers. This means, every car will be hand-made by the best specialists in the business.

Technically the TRESOR bases on the platform of the VW Touareg, the Audi Q7 and the Porsche Cayenne. Therefore there's an up-to-date range of engines. Top motor is Audi's marvellous V12 TDI power plant, which produces as much as 1,000 Nm of torque and 500 HP of power. Petrol motors and engine upgrades will be available too.

To stand out of the others, the TRESOR won't come with just a jazzed-up standard body. Instead ATELIER VALDEIG tailored an entirely new outer skin. It marries traditional British design cues and sportiness. Any line and detail of the car body suggests superiority. Not only has the distinguished exterior got timeless elegance and a good deal of Britishness, also the seats and the dashboard come from a noted English luxury car maker.

Customised interior details, the latest high-end entertainment and convenience features are taken for granted on a car like this. But, with the TRESOR, there are options which make the difference: Such as that it can be ordered with different wheelbases, partition wall and full armouring from ARMORTECH's EU-based special vehicle experts. In addition there is a brawny wide body version provided.

All that makes perfectly clear that the TRESOR SUV is designed to be a class of its own!

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