Truck Nuts lead to overnight stay in jail for driver

Thankfully, Truck Nuts have proven to be more fad than fashion, but that hasn't stopped a few truck owners from donning the hitch-mounted clock weights. Those who continue to hold their Truck Nuts near and dear should keep in mind that South Carolina law enforcement is having none of it.
The Smoking Gun reports that one Joe Cervantes-Rodriquez recently spent a night in jail thanks to his flesh-colored pickup balls. A Spartanburg County Sherrif's Office deputy spotted the Truck Nuts during a patrol and decided to pull over the driver.

For the Truck Nuts, Cervantes-Rodriquez was given a warning citation; for not having a driver's license he spent the night in jail-an experience that would likely have been avoided were it not for the "obscene object" that triggered the traffic stop, which was described as being the size of a softball and anatomically correct.

Cervantes-Rodriquez was released from jail after posting a $237.50 bond. We'd guess that he's since removed the Truck Nuts.

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