If you couldn't make it to Los Angeles for the 26th annual Electric Vehicle Symposium this week, you can still listen in live some EV experts discuss the next stage of the modern EV era, the one when the "emerging mainstream" begins to investigate plug-in cars. Specifically, according to the promotional material for the panel, which takes place today, May 9, at 10:30 a.m. PST:

What will it take to drive widespread adoption of electric vehicles? How do EV manufacturers in North America, Europe, and Asia plan to win the hearts and minds of buyers? Hear from leading industry and consumer experts on their strategies to build consumer interest and market share for electric vehicles entering the market in the coming months and years. Find out how the industry plans to engage consumers through a new proactive public education campaign beginning with this event.

The panel includes some Hollywood/entertainment types as well as Bob Lutz and Andy Palmer of Nissan.

If you'd like to view the panel, you will need to give the organizers your email contact information. You can do so here. You can also submit questions through Twitter to be answered (if you're lucky) by the panel, using the #EVS26 hashtag (speaking of Twitter, you can follow AutoblogGreen there, too).

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