Honda is massaging the 2013 Accord line with more modern gearboxes and trims to match its more modern design (the non-conceptual version of which still has yet to be seen). In addition to the six-speed manual replacing the five-cogger currently offered on four-cylinder models, the folks at the Temple of VTEC forum have found an order sheet indicating a CVT will be available on mid-range LX, EX and EX-L models. For the enthusiasts hoping for the manual to return to the V6 sedan, no dice – the 6AT is what you'll get.

The sheet also omits the sedan's current SE trim slotted between the LX and EX, and in its stead is a Sport trim. It can be had with either the manual or the CVT, but it's not listed with the "navi" option. The coupe's trims remain the same. When we can put these specs together with the actual 2013 car, then we'll start to guess how it will far against its archfoe, the Toyotal Camry.

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