It's getting easier and easier to ignore gas stations.

Over in Europe, the H2 refueling infrastructure is apparently robust enough to allow a pair of hydrogen-powered Hyundai iX35 ( Tuscon) FCEVs to drive from Oslo, Norway to Monte Carlo, Monaco. Almost, anyway.

Yes, the 1,404-mile, cross-continental drive was, according to Wired, the "longest a hydrogen-fueled vehicle has ever travelled using only fuel from permanent hydrogen filling stations." As some readers may remember, similar previous tours have relied on refueling trucks to go the distance. The Oslo-Monte Carlo drive took five days and wasn't as easy as pie. An out-of-service station meant a ferry was needed for some of the trip. Also, since not all the H2 stations are open to the public, a few pre-arrival phone calls were needed. One lesson learned: Germany has the best network of H2 pumps; France and Sweden are less developed.

The Norwegian Zero Emissions Resource Organization (ZERO) organized the trip, using to find the route. As Wired writes, the whole trip, "highlighted just how far ahead of the rest of the world Europe's hydrogen infrastructure is, and also how much more work needs to be done before hydrogen becomes a viable fuel source for vehicles."

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