Meet Project Hexapod: A six-legged car-straddling robot

What has six legs, gas, weighs more than a ton and can walk over cars? Stompy the Rideable Hexapod, that's what. Stompy is a project envisioned by the Robotics Intensive class at Artisan's Asylum in Boston, and with your help, it could become a reality.

Stompy's six hydraulic legs are powered by a 135-hp, propane-fueled forklift engine and can carry two passengers high above the terrain.

What are the chances of this thing coming to life? Pretty good, actually. The president of Artisan's Asylum and leader of this project is Gui Cavalcanti, who has workd with DARPA on a four-legged pack robot to help soldiers with heavy loads.

Also on the team are Adam Bercu, two-time collegiate Battle Bots champ, robotic engineers Dan Cody and James Whong, and several others with backgrounds in open-source software and robotics.

The biggest obstacle looks to be funding, of course. After the team works up a list of stuff it will need to build Stompy, they plan to launch a Kickstarter campaign sometime around August.

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