One day, someone will make a list of all the unique special-edition Pagani Zonda models and all the one-off Bugatti Veyron one-offs produced over the past few years. It'll be a gargantuan task, because there have been many of each, and we suspect that we only hear about some of them. And you can bet that most of the buyers ordering them have little to no idea how to get the most out of their new rides. However, if new reports prove accurate, the Modenese atelier's latest customer sure will.

That customer, according to reports, is one Lewis Hamilton. The 2008 Formula One World Champion has reportedly ordered his Zonda (dubbed 760 LH) with 760 horsepower – the same output as the 760 RS we reported on a couple of weeks ago – 20 more than the track-spec Zonda R and 90 than the Zonda Cinque. And what else did Lewis ask for on his? A manual transmission. Apparently he has enough time with paddle-shift gearboxes at work. Solid.

In addition to the McLaren grand prix cars he drives "at the office," Hamilton's also got a very rare McLaren F1 LM that was a gift from his employers upon clinching the World Championship, and something tells us that he's got a new MP4-12C waiting for him at home, too. Bringing a Zonda home, then, to park beside them would be high praise indeed.

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