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Ever wonder what can happen when you hand the keys over to a valet parker?

There was, of course, the infamous scene in Ferris Bueller when the valet took the boys' borrowed Porsche for a joy-ride.

Well, guests at the Epic Hotel in Miami may now thinking once or twice before handing the keys over.

Conflicting reports state that a Maserati was at fault after speeding out of a parking garage, not the valet. Either way, the Porsche that was totaled is one of only 76,000 that remain in the world, making it difficult to replace.

So who is responsible for an accident caused by a valet parker? Legal experts say it depends. Check your own auto insurance policy to make sure it covers other drivers. The hotel, in this case, may be liable, but not if the owner hurriedly signed a waiver absolving the hotel of responsibility for damage.

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