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There's nothing at all wrong with spending a large sum of money on a nice garage. After all, you need a good, safe place to keep your two- and four-wheeled belongings, right? And, assuming you've got the disposable income and lots of toys, we suppose even a multi-million-dollar garage is within the boundaries of acceptability... even if that's 25 times the average cost of a new home in America.

Keep scrolling below and you'll find a video from HGTV's Million Dollar Rooms program, hosted by Carter Oosterhouse, in which a $6 million garage is featured in all its glory. The first portion of the garage is pretty nice, housing a large collection of (sigh... mostly unridden) motorcycles, but that's not what makes this garagemahal stand out from the crowd.

That would be the massive hydraulic elevator used to access the garage's lower portion. We'll let you all decide whether or not this garage is worth its cost – the elevator sucks down $25 in electricity each time it's operated! – or whether or not it's filled with a properly exotic batch of vehicles. All you gotta do is watch the video below, then let us know what you think in the Comments.

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