Chrysler will be showing the all-new 2013 SRT Viper at the New York Auto Show on Wednesday, in what will undoubtedly be one of the biggest reveals of the show. While we've already seen spy shots, teasers, renderings, Hot Wheels cars, and unfinished parts from the forthcoming Viper, this new teaser is our best official look yet.

Too bad then, that it's not so good – just a blurry, poorly lit image that seems like it's more Photoshop than photo. So we went ahead and tried to enhance the image we plucked off of SRT's Facebook page ourselves. If there's one thing we can see for certain from these pixels, it's that the new hood design – with two front-mounted, rear-facing scoops – is confirmed.

While we eagerly await the rest of the picture, the good news is that there's just two more days to go.

Check out all four official teasers of the new Viper in our gallery.

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