Instead of letting everyone else leak shots and scale models of the 2013 Viper, SRT has gone insider trading and released its own teaser shot of the upcoming snake's interior. What we can see of the overall layout appears familiar from the second-generation car, but the materials look to have been significantly upgraded: ornately bezeled vents, soft-touch trim, cross-stitching and aggressive two-tone accents.

There's been some bother about the evolutionary exterior design of the 2013 Viper, but for a car that had just two generations in 20 years, it can still stand up to anything from Italy for badass presence. What it really needed was an interior and chassis that could deliver on its looks, and it appears the new 2013 model will be getting just that.

We'll continue to wait on its official appearance at the New York Auto Show next week to judge, but based on this shot, we like the look of where things are headed. Click on the photo above for a high-res version and stay tuned for the full debut live from New York next week.

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