In die cast form, anyway, you're looking at the next Viper. In the tiny-car world, there's as much fanaticism about keeping the scaled-down versions of the latest and greatest under tight wraps, while also being the first to hit the shelves when the real deal hits the streets. A preview of what would be great to see as the next Viper has hit the internet by way of a few images of a toy even grown adults will covet in lieu of the real thing.

The hood looks like what we've seen in other leaked images, which lends credence to the rest of the accuracy of the overall shape. Significantly, this is the first time we've gotten much of a glance at the rear of what could be the 2013 Viper. We'll find out soon how accurate this sporty plaything is, and we'll pass those days hoping it's pretty much spot-on.

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