Ever wonder what kind of real-world mileage Chevy Volt owners actually achieve? We know Motor Trend got 127 MPG when they tested it and Jay Leno – auto enthusiast, Volt driver, and apparently, some sort of late-night talk show host – famously used less than half a tank during his first 11,000 miles. But how does that compare with other owners? Well, there's a website that serves up exactly that kind of information. And more!

Volt Stats! was started by Mike Rosack after he found he could monitor information being sent from his Volt iPhone app to Onstar and further realized that, if the same data was collected from other owners, he could construct a webpage with a sort of leaderboard. With a little help from his fellow forum members at GM-Volt.com, the concept has developed into a nice little site that allows participants to share such stats as miles per gallon (MPG), MPGe (equivalent), and MPGcs (cs stands for charge-sustaining mode, or the time when the gasoline engine is supplying all the energy) and compete amongst themselves for bragging rights and special achievements.

Currently the site has 627 vehicles signed up, collectively providing almost three million miles worth of info. Driving in electric mode 71 per cent of the time, the fleet has averaged about 120 mpg, 63 MPGe and 35 MPGcs. If you like to delve into data, go take a look.

Chevrolet Volt Information

Chevrolet Volt

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