It looks as if General Motors may be considering a Chevrolet version of the Buick Encore. L'Automobile Magazine managed to source a few patent drawings depicting the vehicle with a Chevrolet face. If our Google translator and murky comprehension of the French language are to be trusted, the images originated in the European patent office. All told, the model is likely to be a little more than a foot shorter than the current Equinox but still offer buyers the option of all-wheel drive.

So, is this vehicle headed to the U.S.? It's entirely possible. While GM already has a platform heavy with crossover vehicles, the truth is the company could use a smaller model to compete with the likes of the Toyota Rav4, Honda CR-V and Ford Escape.

Odds are the smaller Chevrolet CUV would be targeted at European and Asian markets, including China, though there's a chance the vehicle could also show up as a Canadian-spec model. L'Automobile seems to also suggest the baby hatch could also play a role in the new partnership between Citroen and GM.

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