If you're an Autoblog reader, we suspect you probably prefer not to leave the driving to others – regardless of who they are. But even car nuts like us have occasion to take the bus every so often. The dog can be a cost-efficient way to go pick up a car you've spontaneously bought on eBay when no buddies can be rounded up for a road trip, for instance.
Of course, in this age of paranoia, you might wonder if your bus is held together with bailing wire and duct tape, or whether your driver habitually shows up for work three sheets to the wind, which brings us to The SaferBus app.

A free iOS app, courtesy of the United States Department of Transportation, SaferBus allows mobile access to the US DOT's database for motor coach safety violations, including five categories of records, according to The Consumerist. The app gets monthly database updates and the information dates back a full two years, plus you can use the app report a safety complaint yourself.

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