Remember when we told you that Sergio Marchionne didn't receive a paycheck from Chrysler during 2011? As it turns out, it's because he was busy raking in the big bucks from Fiat.

Automotive News reports that Marchionne earned 14.5 million euros ($19 million U.S.) in 2011. The pay includes seven million shares of Fiat stock, which can be exercised between 2012 and 2015, plus a base salary of 2.45 million euros ($3.2 million U.S.).

That's a lot of money for the vast majority of us, but the Chrysler/Fiat CEO is being paid close to what all the other successful chief executives are receiving. The most direct comparison (since both companies are based out of Europe) is Volkswagen CEO Martin Winterkorn, who made 17.5 million euro ($23 million U.S.) in 2011. Given that VW made $20.5 billion in 2011, we're thinking Winterkorn has a good argument for saying he's worth the extra $4M.

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