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Mad Max's Gigahorse is monstrous, insane

That isn't double vision you're experiencing, it's the Gigahorse. Said to be the "hero car" in Mad Max: Fury Road, the ride, snapped by a Moviehole.net reader, is a double-bodied '59 Cadillac with two supercharged V8s connected by a planetary gear, sitting on a monster-truck chassis and sporting a four-bladed cow catcher. With Charlize Theron as Furiosa alongside Tom Hardy as Mad Max, it's unknown which hero the Gigahorse might serve but it's certainly bat**** crazy enough for The Mad One.

Production is setting up in Namibia (because the Aussie outback has gotten too green, according the director), and peeks at the movie's other rides have shown at least one other car as big as a semi, a couple of buggies and, of course, enough tractor-trailers to remake Convoy. A stuntman said the movie would have "130 cars and bikes and 198 stunts."

Speaking of Theron, last November George Miller said he'd film Fury Road and Mad Max: Furiosa (Mad Maxes 4 and 5, essentially) back-to-back and that production could take 2.5 years, so it might be some time before we see the Gigahorse in the local multiplex.

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