The blokes at " Top Gear" love their Facebook friends so much, that when they got 10 million fans, Jeremy Clarkson recorded a short personal thank you. Well, as personal as Clarkson can get anyway. And the Stig showed his appreciation by exploding a caravan (video after the jump).

But the batty Brits are now challenged with celebrating their next Facebook milestone of achieving 15 million fans. They're hoping those very fans can help them with a stunt that tops caravan carnage. The "Top Gear" team is willing to do anything, no matter how crazy, to say thanks.

Suggestions so far include drifting 15 $ 1 million cars in sync, a trip from Scotland to London on lawnmowers, fabricate a V8-powered Robin, and a road trip across Germany in VW Beetles.

The AB team brainstormed a bit and came up with the idea of rewarding a fan (hopefully one of us) with a brand new Bugatti Veyron! But for only 24 hours. After which the "lucky" guy (or gal, of course) would be obligated to obliterate the supercar in a depressing display of overwhelming pyrotechnics.

So what would you do to mark the occasion of gaining 15 million Facebook fans? Share them with "Top Gear" here and with us in the comments.

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