We don't typically lose control of our faculties at the sight of the latest supercar. In most cases, the vehicles are slightly different shades of the same theme: high horsepower, low slung, two seats and a super-exclusive price tag to match.

While the Lamborghini Aventador J certainly fulfills all of those criteria, the roofless wonder also boasts the sort of brash ostentatiousness that's been missing from the upper echelon of automotive engineering recently. The roadster design is so perfectly over the top, we can't help but love it. Lamborghini has crafted a quick montage depicting the vehicle's development, from lowly CAD design to the untold multitude of parts and pieces that go into assembling the final product.

This clip is too brief to satiate our manufacturing geekery, but it's better than nothing. Look below to check out the video for yourself. It may be the closest any of us actually get to glimpsing the 700-horsepower behemoth.

Lamborghini Aventador Information

Lamborghini Aventador

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