2012 Aston Martin Virage by Q is distinctive, exclusive and unquestionably superfluous

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In the stratospheric zone of the automotive atmosphere, being unique is every bit as important as going blindingly fast or bathing oneself in luxury. To address the need, Aston Martin has introduced Q, a service that goes far beyond standard paint palettes, leather finishes and wood trims. In the automaker's own words, Q is defined as "a team that brings Aston Martin's designers together with the company's engineers and highly experienced craftspeople, allowing customers to enhance and personalize their Aston Martin with meticulous attention to detail."

The automaker recently sent Q a Virage for the full treatment (a blank check was apparently stuffed in the glove box). What emerged is emphatically unique, but it is also fascinating and rather odd at the same time. Nevertheless, we found it on display at the Geneva Motor Show.

The show car is a Virage Volante sporting a Mariana Blue satin paint finish. The interior is configured with blue carbon-fiber, saddle leather floor mats, and yellow detailing. Other components include lightweight forged diamond-turned wheels, a track-day HD video camera mounted on the header (looking much sleeker than any GoPro) and a completely silly rear luggage rack.

Check out our live gallery from the floor, read through the press release and then take a look at some of the automaker's images including a Cherry Tree Cygnet, a bespoke city car.
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Q by Aston Martin

Q by Aston Martin is a service that goes beyond the standard palette of paint, leather and trim finishes, taking the company into a new era in personalisation. A team that brings Aston Martin's designers together with the company's engineers and highly experienced craftspeople, allowing customers to enhance and personalise their Aston Martin with meticulous attention to detail.

The service can be extended to interior and exterior styling, offering almost endless opportunity for expression. Thanks to Aston Martin's unique VH (Vertical Horizontal) Architecture, the philosophy that forms the backbone of its sports cars, the company has evolved a fast, flexible and modular approach to engineering. With Q by Aston Martin, the ability to commission the design and manufacture of your unique car is now within reach.

Q by Aston Martin can help to design and procure luxury items beyond the customers' car. This could extend to colour matching a Brompton bicycle to their Aston Martin, supporting the customer's architect to design their house, or creating colour themes and materials for the interior specification of a yacht.

The Virage and Cygnet models presented at Geneva have been enhanced and personalised to include unique colour and trim finishes, each car is a one-off showcase for the possibilities offered by Q by Aston Martin. The Virage with a bespoke Mariana Blue satin paint finish with an interior that includes blue carbon fibre, saddle leather floor mats, and striking yellow detailing, together with exclusive concept components, including a header mounted track-day HD video camera, luggage rack and striking forged, diamond turned wheel, all of which have been developed by the team, illustrating the scope of the service and the lengths to which customers can go with their individual requests.

The Cherry Tree Cygnet translates this bespoke service to Aston Martin's acclaimed Tailor-Fit city car. Finished in Cherry Tree raspberry paint with a kestrel tan interior, the Cygnet includes specially developed photographic leather headlining, as well as a tailor-made colour-matched three piece luggage set, unique brogue leather detailing on the seats and a colour-matched Brompton bicycle for extra urban manoeuvrability.

In 2012, Aston Martin offers customers a remarkable fifteen models, including Rapide, the DBS Coupe and DBS Volante, Virage Coupe and Volante, DB9 Coupe and DB9 Volante, the V8 Vantage Coupe and Vantage Roadster, the Vantage S Coupe and Roadster and the V12 Vantage. In addition, there is the Cygnet city car and One-77 supercar, and the line-up will be joined by the V12 Zagato in mid-2012.

Personalisation, customisation and special options ensure customers have a practically unlimited choice. Aston Martin is a company with strong values, class leading product and a highly skilled workforce. A pioneer in design, technology and manufacturing, Aston Martin continues to be a global leader and a beacon of British design and manufacturing. Innovation, in all its forms, is central to Aston Martin's ethos.

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