Nissan teases Altima ahead of New York debut

With the New York Auto Show one month away, 'tis the season to tease the next big thing. For Nissan, that "big thing" is the 2013 Altima. The Altima is by far Nissan's best selling vehicle here in the U.S., and the long-running sedan is in dire need for a fresh new face.

To tease the Altima, the creative types at Nissan decided to eschew the darkened or obscured photograph in favor of, well, a darkened and obscured video. Oh, and the video last all of eight seconds, and four of those ticks are reserved for the Nissan logo. The brief glimpse reveals a sky shot of the Altima that shows off some elegant curves and pronounced headlight fixtures.

The YouTube description adds that the new sedan boasts "a low, wide stance and sculpted profile that makes for quite a dynamic appearance." That's not a lot to go on, but Nissan hopes you'll hit the jump and watch the video anyway.

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