Toyota lead developer confirms droptop FT-86

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Around the Autoblog virtual office, the Toyota GT-86 is among the most eagerly awaited new models this year. So when we spotted a report in AutoBild that Tetsuya Tada, the chief engineer of the car, has confirmed that a convertible is coming, we got excited.
Auto Bild Toyota GT-86 convertible rendering (cropped)
Of course, we're tempering our excitement with the knowledge that the 2013 Scion FR-S we're getting here in North America isn't the Toyota version. It may be the same actual car save for the brightwork, but when it comes to market positioning and all that stuff, Scion has differing objectives than the parent brand.

While we have heard rumors of a convertible before, they came in the context of the third GT-86 offspring, the Subaru BRZ. If a convertible version of the car ever does see the light of day here in the States, though, we're certainly not going to quibble over its badges.

Scion FR-S Information

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