Subaru BRZ to pack more power than Toyota version, spawn convertible?

It's only a month away, ladies and gents. We're talking about the Tokyo Motor Show that's set to open at the end of November. And when it does, we've been promised that we'll finally see the production version of the coupe being co-developed by Toyota and Subaru.

The so-called " Toyobaru" will be sold under at least three different marques when it hits the market, as a Subaru, a Toyota and a Scion – the latter exclusive to the United States. But new word on the street is that the Subaru will receive the most powerful version. While Toyota has said its version will pack about 200 horsepower, Subaru indicates the BRZ (as it's been officially named) will pack "less than 300 horsepower," very likely putting it in the high-200 zone.

There are also rumors afloat of a potential convertible version. Reports indicate that the chassis was engineered from the get-go to lose its roof and accommodate a droptop, but while Toyota has refused to comment on the prospect, Subaru is reportedly considering it closely.

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