BMW M135i will be produced, offer xDrive

BMW hasn't announced it yet, but sources familiar with BMW's production plans have told Autoblog that the M135i concept, which will be shown at the Geneva Motor Show, will go into production.

The 1 Series hatch with M Performance modifications and a gas-powered, turbocharged inline six will send 300+ horsepower to its 18-inch wheels in either rear-wheel drive or xDrive configurations. According to Autoweek it will perform much like the 1M Coupe, getting from standstill to 62 mph in under five seconds.

Continental Europe will get it for sure, but markets like the UK won't since xDrive isn't yet compatible with right-hand-drive. The UK market has been told that only the X models will have all-wheel drive until the next-gen 5 Series arrives. We're probably out in the cold as well, but we'll know more in Geneva.

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