Obama reelection campaign launches auto bailout commercial

The 2008 economic collapse in the U.S. led to what many experts call the worst recession since the Great Depression. Among the many casualties of the recession was the U.S. auto industry, which (arguably) was saved thanks to $25 billion in cash from the Bush Administration in 2008 and another $60 billion from the Obama Administration in 2009.

The Detroit News reports that 51 percent of Americans opposed the bailouts, with more Republicans being against the moves than Democrats. We're guessing far more Michigan residents were in favor of government intervention than the U.S. at large, and the Obama Administration is looking to capitalize on the move with a pro-bailout commercial.

The ad, which can be viewed after the jump, will run in Michigan throughout the weekend. The ad is hitting the airwaves as Michigan voters prepare to vote in the state's Republican primary. Every serious Republican candidate is on the record as opposing the bailout.

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