Ford Begins Taurus And Explorer Police Interceptor Production

A new generation in law enforcement vehicles commences

In September of 2011, the last Ford Crown Victoria rolled off the assembly line in Ontario, Canada, closing a long chapter in police cruiser history. The Crown Vic's long life -- the sedan's platform had been around since 1979 -- as the choice of police departments nationwide was due to its simplicity, sturdy construction and wealth of replacement parts.

But with the Crown Vic's death comes rebirth, in the form of the Ford Taurus and Explorer Police Interceptors, which began production at the automaker's Chicago Assembly Plant. Ford says the new police car variants will have more technology, more power and achieve 20% better fuel efficiency than the older generations.

The Taurus variant, which comes with all-wheel drive, beefed up mechanicals and a 3.5-liter EcoBoost V6 engine, is said to make up 60% of the orders so far.

Ford currently dominates the police cruiser market with about 70% of sales, but rivals GM and Chrysler have offered their own takes on the cop car: GM with its Chevrolet PPV and Tahoe law enforcement SUV and Chrysler with its Dodge Charger Pursuit.


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