2013 Dodge Dart sample configurator goes live, prices not finalized

Members of the Dodge Dart Lovers Club unite: Dodge needs your help pinning down the price and model matrix for the Dodge Dart. As Ford recently did with the 2013 Escape, Dodge has set up a configurator with tentative pricing and options for five trims of the small sedan. According to the automaker, the point is to "provide us with information on how you want to see the all-new Dart," but it's a survey more than a true builder, so "Please note the packaging and pricing information on this site is for survey purposes only."

As of now, the not-finalized price of entry is $17,200 for a Dart SE with the 2.0-liter Tigershark powerplant with 160 horsepower. The standard engine remains the same but the options swell on the next three models: the $19,00 SXT adds things like bigger wheels and keyless entry; the $20,500 Rallye gets a new front fascia and a leather-wrapped steering wheel; the $21,500 Limited installs the 8.4-inch infotainment center and seven-inch reconfigurable dash cluster; and with the top-of-the-mountain, manual transmission, $24,000 R/T you upgrade to the 2.4-liter, 184-horsepower Tigershark engine, bigger wheels and dual exhaust.

The options are plentiful – all trims are offered in manual and automatic, and the 1.4-liter turbo is an engine option on the SXT, Rallye and Limited. Remember, though, some options wouldn't exactly make sense if this were a finalized model. The $19,400 SXT comes with Keyless Entry, but on the $24,000 R/T you have to purchase the $1,400 Technology Group that includes Keyless Entry. Our highly scientific test involved checking every option on an automatic R/T. The result: a $31,050 Dodge Dart.

That's why, as the site says, "The features and prices for the final 2013 Dodge Dart will become available when the vehicle goes on sale in Q2 of 2012. The information on this site may change frequently, so don't be surprised if things look different next time you visit." Head over to the configurator and get cracking, and see all 12 available colors in our gallery below.

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