Ride along in the Aston Martin One-77 with its chief engineer

There may only be one Aston Martin One-77 left to buy, but not a single journalist has been allowed to actually drive the thing yet. Autocar scribe Steve Cropley gets the closest yet – riding in it with chief engineer Chris Porritt on wheel duty, and Porritt lays out some of the whats and whys of the baddest road-going Aston ever.

Starting off with how the coupe is the ultimate expression of all Aston has learned from its other cars on the VH platform, Porritt discusses the four-foot long chunk of aluminum billet in the center stack, why the engineers chose a single-clutch transmission, and the reason for the line, "It has to do 200 miles per hour. Whatever it does after that is almost immaterial." There's eight minutes of One-77 education in the video after the jump.

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