Breitling celebrates new Continental GT with GMT V8 chronograph

With co-branding arrangements in place with an increasing array of luxury labels, Bentley doesn't limit its brand just to cars these days. But of all the sunglasses, wallets, pens, skis and cashmere scarves licensed by the British purveyor of super-luxury automobiles, few are as well established as its partnership with Breitling.

The Swiss watchmaker has been with Bentley for years, and has celebrated every milestone along the way. So with the introduction of the new V8-powered Continental GT, Breitling wasn't about to miss the opportunity to dazzle us with another piece of shiny wrist candy.

Limited to just 250 examples, the Breitling for Bentley GMT V8 chronograph features an additional hour hand that displays the time in a second time zone, and a rotating red inner bezel displaying major cities in time zones around the world. It's powered by a COSC-certified chronometer mechanism with a 30-second sweep, encased in steel and affixed to the wrist with either a metal bracelet or unique rubber strap.

We wouldn't dare ask how the timepiece sells for, but considering the Bentley customers they're selling to, we'd expect suitably Bentley-like prices.

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