Toyota teases FT-Bh concept hybrid city car ahead of Geneva

Most concepts you'll see on the show stands of the Geneva Motor Show will come packing some manner of sci-fi powertrain and ultra-expensive chassis and body materials. That's where the Toyota FT-Bh concept stands apart.

Toyota is calling it a "full hybrid city car study," so the FT-Bh isn't destined for production. However, Toyota's goal was to create an inexpensive, fuel efficient urban runabout that doesn't rely on expensive materials or complex manufacturing, but rather uses existing technology to make an affordable hybrid for the masses – something that would be perfect for Europe.

Thing is, Toyota is bringing just that to Geneva in mass-market form.

Joining the FT-Bh on stage is the production version of the Yaris Hybrid, which for all intents and purposes is exactly what the FT-Bh is: an inexpensive, small hybrid based off an existing platform and using tried-and-true technology. Packing a 1.5-liter gasoline engine mated with an electric motor, the Yaris Hybrid outputs 98 horsepower and is some 20% lighter than the Auris Hybrid. Toyota is calling it "Europe's first full hybrid supermini," which begs the question: Where's the line between a "supermini" and a "city car?" We'll find out when we're on the floor in Switzerland next month.

Get all the details on Toyota's Geneva plans in the press blast after the break.
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  • First reveal of the production-ready Yaris Hybrid, Europe's first full hybrid supermini at the Geneva motor show
  • First European appearance of the production-ready GT 86
  • World debut for the FT-Bh concept, showcasing a "total vehicle" approach to reducing emissions in an affordable city car
  • European premiere for the NS4 and FCV-R concepts, exploring next-generation plug-in hybrid and fuel cell vehicle design
  • Toyota diji concept shown in Europe for the first time, taking vehicle personalisation to a new level
  • The rejuvenation of Toyota can be witnessed "in the metal" at the Geneva motor show, with a display of future showroom and concept models, shown in Europe for the first time.

Yaris Hybrid

Yaris Hybrid will be shown for the first time in its production-ready form, ahead of going sale in June this year. Powered by a re-engineered Hybrid Synergy Drive, it will be Europe's first full hybrid supermini, opening up the technology to a new customer group. It will deliver quiet, smooth performance with the lowest emissions in its segment, while maintaining the small-but-spacious quality for which Yaris is renowned.

GT 86

GT 86, Toyota's all-new sports coupe, arrives in Geneva on a wave of enthusiastic advance media acclaim and public interest. Due to reach the road this summer, GT 86 rediscovers the pure passion and excitement of sports car driving, at an affordable price.

FT-Bh concept

Geneva marks the world debut of the FT-Bh concept, an ultra-lightweight, full hybrid city car study, designed to achieve low emissions within an economically viable production framework. The team that produced FT-Bh purposely avoided expensive materials and complex manufacturing processes, working instead only with those that are already commonplace in the auto industry.

NS4 and FCV-R concepts

Toyota's NS4 and FCV-R concepts are also being shown in Europe for the first time. NS4 is a next-generation plug-in hybrid vehicle, designed to address customer demand for added value from hybrid motoring, together with advanced design and a more involving drive. FCV-R represents Toyota's next step towards mass production of hydrogen-powered vehicles, paving the way for the launch of a saloon-type fuel cell vehicle by 2015.

Toyota diji

The Toyota diji concept – previously shown at last year's Tokyo motor show as the Fun-Vii – is all about personalisation. The entire body, inside and out, serves as a display, with the driver being able to change colour and content at will. The process of displaying images or information is as simple as downloading an app. The car can also link to nearby vehicles and infrastructure to create an even more connected driving experience.

Press conference

Toyota will host a press conference on its stand at the Geneva motor show at 10.15am on Tuesday, 6 Mach.

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