Saab collection to be sold after all - the one in America

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Just when we thought the classic vehicles owned by Saab were safe from the gavel, tragedy strikes. According to Hemmings, the vehicles held in the Saab Cars North America Heritage Collection will be auctioned in an 10-car lot on Friday, February 10. Vehicles like the gorgeous and painfully rare 1956 Type 94 Sonett Super Sport pictured above will join a host of other iconic Saab models for bid in Stearling Heights, Michigan. According to Hemmings, interested parties may submit their bids before noon on Friday to McTevia & Associates, the law firm Saab hired to handle the company's creditors here in the States. A 25 percent cash deposit is required.

The collection includes notable hardware such as a 1967 fastback with 25,353 miles on its triple-carb three-cylinder engine as well as the 1960 96 that won the Royal Automobile Club Rally with Erik Carlsson behind the wheel. There's plenty of history wrapped up in the 11 vehicles up for auction. Head over to Hemmings for more information.

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