Seat announces five-door Mii city car

We knew at its unveiling in Frankfurt that the debut of the production version of the Volkswagen Up! was only the beginning, what with all the concept versions Volkswagen showcased over the years. But that was only the tip of the proverbial iceberg. VW isn't the only brand in the group that will offer the little city car, and its sister marques are eager to follow suit.

So after Volkswagen debuted the Up!, Skoda unveiled the Citigo and Seat showcased the Mii – all versions of the same vehicle, but with slightly modified sheetmetal and different nameplates. But those were only the three-door versions. Now that Volkswagen has confirmed the five-door Up! and Skoda the five-door Citigo, Seat is taking its turn with the five-door Mii.

The similarities between the Mii, Citigo and Up are, of course, greater than the differences. But at the end of the day, the variety gives European buyers a greater range of choices when buying their new city car, even if similar exercises on this side of the Atlantic – Plymouth, Mercury, Pontiac, Oldsmobile...we're looking at you – have long since disappeared.
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- Optimum functionality in a compact package
- SEAT Mii Ecomotive with as little as 96 g/km CO2
- Innovative City Safety Assist and SEAT Portable System

SEAT is revealing an expansion to the Mii city car line-up with the first glimpse of an even more versatile five-door version.

The additional rear doors turn the super-compact SEAT into a unique combination of exceptional driving fun, sporty design and outstanding functionality.

Of course the new five-door Mii remains true to core SEAT principles – meaning it's both a pleasure to drive, and a pleasure to own.

In either three- or five-door form the Mii scores top marks for fuel consumption and emissions thanks to its lightweight design and efficient drivetrains. This applies in particular to the newly-announced Mii Ecomotive.

Thanks to a start/stop system, brake energy recovery and other measures to improve fuel economy, the Mii Ecomotive makes do with just 4.1 litres of fuel per 100 km, equating to CO2 emissions of only 96 g/km for the 60 PS version and 4.2 litres per 100 km – 98 g/km – for the 75 PS Mii. These impressive statistics apply to both the three- and five-door versions.

James Muir, President of SEAT, S.A. said: 'The new Mii has enjoyed a terrific start. Customer response in Spain is outstanding and we are now bringing the entire line-up to the other European markets – complete with the three-door, five-door and Ecomotive versions.

'With its distinctive SEAT identity, its youthful design and its high quality standards, the five-door i in particular is set to capture a significant share of the sub-compact segment. This makes the Mii an important factor in our corporate strategy. The Mii marks the start of the most extensive model offensive ever undertaken by SEAT.'

Five doors make the Mii even more appealing

The car's compact format – it is just 3.56 metres long – makes the Mii the perfect companion for today's urban environment. Yet, thanks to its optimum use of space, it offers plenty of room for four adults. With a volume of 251 litres the Mii also boasts one of the largest luggage compartments in its class, expanding to an impressive 951 litres with the rear seat back folded.

The new five-door, of course, offers even greater functionality within an unchanged footprint. The rear doors boast a wide opening angle and thus make for straightforward access to the rear bench. Small children can be fastened into their child seats with ease, shopping bags can be simply stowed behind the front seats and, with their compact dimensions, the rear doors also enable easy entry and exit even in tight parking spaces.

The especially large area of the rear side windows ensures great all-round visibility, while the pop-out function delivers ventilation combined with a high degree of safety for children travelling in the rear.

The feeling of spaciousness that is inherent in the SEAT Mii is reinforced by the addition of an optional panoramic sunroof. The large glass roof extends back most of the length of the Mii's roof to deliver a panoramic view for all four occupants. Naturally, to prevent interior temperatures from becoming uncomfortably warm on sunny days, there is a sliding roof blind.

As well as providing more light in the cabin, the roof can be opened via a slide and tilt function. So, Mii occupants can choose to open the roof by tilting it upwards for a little ventilation or open it more fully by sliding it back over the roof of the car.

In terms of on-board occupant safety, head restraints for the rear seat passengers and child locks on the rear doors are, of course, standard equipment.

Dr Matthias Rabe, SEAT Vice-President for Research and Development, said: 'The five-door is the perfect expansion to our Mii line-up. Just as sporty, just as dynamic, but with a considerable increase in usability. When it comes to urban mobility, the Mii fulfils all demands.

'With its low weight and modern drivetrains, the Mii is both sporty and efficient at the same time. This applies, especially, to the Ecomotive model with its exceptionally low consumption and emissions figures.'

Design – strong character with sporty individuality

As a five-door, the Mii retains the strong character of its distinctive design. Perfectly proportioned, the new SEAT measures 1.64 metres wide with a long wheelbase of 2.42 metres and exceptionally short overhangs front and rear. The steeply angled rear end facilitates the Mii's generous interior space – optimum functionality is particularly important in the sub-compact segment.

The additional rear doors fit discreetly into the clearly defined side view. The roof contour remains unchanged while the rear roof pillar retains its broad, powerful form. The window line runs a little lower than on the three-door and is emphasised in the side aspect by the clear shadow line. The sturdy door handles indicate the Mii's high level of quality and solidity.

In its five-door format, too, the Mii is immediately recognisable as a member of the SEAT family, while its new headlamp form marks a development in the SEAT design language. Its side view is characterised by distinctive wheel arches and clean surfaces, and the rear end also displays a new light design featuring triangular light elements.

'The Mii is a real character as a five-door, too – modern and expressive, yet timeless,' said Alejandro Mesonero-Romanos, Head of SEAT Design. 'It is a unique combination of sporty chic and design quality with outstanding everyday usability.'

Mii Ecomotive gains top marks for fuel consumption

When it comes to technology and equipment, the five-door Mii matches its three-door sibling blow for blow. Beneath the bonnet lies a new generation of engines. The frugal 1.0-litre three-cylinder unit is light, compact and smooth. In two outputs of 60 PS and 75 PS, it ensures fleet-footed agility – and not just in city traffic. With top speeds of 160 km/h and 171 km/h respectively, fuel consumption comes in at just 4.5 or 4.7 litres per 100 kilometres. Meanwhile the Mii's 35-litre fuel tank ensures both a long range and enduring driving fun.

The new Ecomotive versions of the Mii are masters of efficiency. While outputs are identical to the standard Mii (60 PS and 75 PS) the Ecomotive versions boasts a cutting edge start/stop system, brake energy recovery technology and other consumption reducing initiatives. The result is combined cycle fuel economy of 4.1 litres per 100 kilometres equating to a CO2 figure of just 96 g/km for the 60 PS version, 4.2 litres per 100 km and 98 g/km for the 75 PS Mii.

Extra help to stay safer in town

The Mii is also a leader when it comes to innovative technologies. City Safety Assist delivers important added protection in town. Simply put, when a risk arises in city traffic the Mii brakes automatically to prevent a possible impact.

At speeds lower than 30 km/h, a laser sensor can identify another vehicle or obstacle in the direction of travel, regardless of whether the object is stationary or moving. If the system detects the risk of an impact and the driver doesn't apply any braking force, the system applies the brakes fully or helps the driver to apply maximum braking force. In many cases City Safety Assist can help to avoid an accident altogether or, at the very least, mitigate its severity.

Unique technology aids efficient driving

The innovative SEAT Portable System is an exciting new development in the world of in-car infotainment. This compact unit boasts a five-inch touchscreen yet can be fully removed from the car for use 'on the go'. It also perfectly integrates into the vehicle's electronics. Its many functions include a satellite navigation system, hands-free phone capability with voice control and an on-board computer. Of course the SEAT Portable System automatically combines with the Mii's integrated radio and speaker system.

Full details of the three- and five-door Mii's UK model range, equipment and pricing will be announced in due course.

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