Pair of Toyota GT86s duel in parking lot drift battle

There is likely no end to the amount of fun one can have with an empty parking lot, a few cones and a willing vehicle. Add two capable machines to the mix and the enjoyment increases exponentially. When those happen to be two Toyota GT86 coupes, all that's missing is the not-so judicious application of one's right foot. Two pro drift drivers recently got the chance to fling the GT86 around in a quick battle, and the result is a video that shows just how controllable the GT86 is right out of the box.

While we could think of a handful of other sports cars that are as capable right from the showroom floor, the list of those with price tags as slim as the GT86 and its Scion and Subaru brethren is considerably thinner. Hit the jump for a few lessons in car control.

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