Screaming green Lexus LFA likely to split opinions

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The fabulously wealthy face all sorts of dilemmas that the rest of us never have to bother with. If you can afford a Lexus LFA, for example, what color do you opt for? Red is clearly for the Ferrari in your stable. Black belongs on your hearse, and... copper? Well, that's best left for your LX570. What you want is something that makes a statement. A color that kicks puppies and steals candy from kids on Halloween. Green. You want the kind of green that will make Lamborghini Gallardo owners look tasteful by comparison.

That's exactly what the buyer of LFA number 250 went with. We aren't entirely sure what the color is called, but our retinas won't be the same for a week. The hue is almost a more violent version of the Emerald Green found on early '70s Porsche 911 models. The paint might not look quite as at home as it does on vintage Porsche sheetmetal, but we still love it (something tells tells us there will be plenty of you who fall on the other side of the fence). What do you think? Have your say in Comments.

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