First Toyota 2000GT produced goes up for sale

A design and engineering icon, the Toyota 2000GT is the forefather of all Japanese supercars, the ancestor to which the Acura NSX, Nissan GT-R and Lexus LFA must pay homage. It's rare enough to find a 2000GT for sale, but the example being offered by Maine Line Exotics is particularly special.

MF10-100001 is the first Toyota 2000GT produced, and one of the three that Toyota delivered to Shelby American Racing in 1967 to be prepped for the 1968 SCCA season. Two of those cars raced under the Shelby-Toyota banner in 1968. MF10-100001 wore the #23 and was driven by Davey Jordan.

How much does Maine Line Exotics want for this important piece of automotive history? How does $1.7 million grab you? Head over to Maine Line Exotics for more information.

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