This year's Super Bowl commercial weirds us out

Remember when the dot-com ads started to flood the airwaves during the Super Bowl? The ads were almost always wacky, and half the time, we didn't even know what was being sold. Well, it's been a long time since the 1990s, and very few Internet-based companies are still hocking services during The Big Game. is one of the WiFi warriors that is still swinging for the fences, and some of their past work has been reasonably funny. Their 2012 ad is all about using to gain confidence at the dealership, but we're not sure what to think about it. There is something about a man with a freaky second head that doesn't sit well with us, and we like it even less when noggin part deux is intentionally obnoxious. Seriously, we could do without the gyrating, it's creeping us out. Hit the jump to preview the 30-second ad for yourself.

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