The birth of a child is a beautiful thing.

Well... let's rephrase that. A newborn baby is a beautiful thing (most of them, anyway) as is the elation such a bundle of joy can bring to its new mother and father. The actual act of giving birth, on the other hand, is somewhat less than beautiful, at least to our non-rose-colored set of eyes.

Regardless, the proud pair of parents you'll see in the video after the break decided to film their newborn baby's birth with a handheld digital camera. For the sake of posterity, we guess. That's not so uncommon, though we can't imagine ever wanting to relive the experience in full high-definition glory over and over again.

We feel the need to add that, while childbirth is a completely natural process, childbirth in a car, on the way to the hospital, is not. And neither is driving with one hand while filming childbirth with the other. We'd argue that brings a whole new definition to the term "distracted driving." That said, when the baby decides it's coming... well, it's coming. Maybe next time, try pulling over, eh? Either way, the birth was apparently so non-invasive that the mother actually made a few phone calls while holding her new baby.

Witness the glory of roadway childbirth after the break in a segment from ABC's Good Morning America, as well as the father's unedited YouTube video footage. Umbilical cord and all... which is our way of saying that viewer discretion is advised. Seriously.

Oh, we almost forgot to mention that the parents plan on keeping the car for when the kid turns 16. We guess that's better than selling it to some unsuspecting used-car buyer, no?

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