More people interested in buying a Saab after bankruptcy

We never heard about buyers of other ex-General Motors brands – Pontiac, Saturn and Hummer – taking to their keyboards to research new rides when the lowered boom crushed them all. Even though they would have been warrantied and supported by a still-living GM.

Leave it to Saab, then, to spin that right 'round like a record: according to electronic-research tracker Dataium, 10 percent more people have inquired about Saabs since the brand declared bankruptcy. Even better for the dealers sitting on 221 days worth of inventory: there were three times as many new shoppers in the 96 hours after the announcement, and for the next two weeks as least 50 percent of them were first-timers. All this for a tiny brand selling two cars without warranty and parts support (yet).

Who knows how much of that will turn into actual sales, but that's probably more than could have been expected in the silver-lining department.

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