James Stewart and Red Bull hit the Motocross track in slow-mo

Following up on the two-wheeled slow-motion theme in 2012, Red Bull is highlighting two-time motocross champion James Stewart and his factory Yamaha race bike. We've already seen a couple of Honda-mounted MotoGP riders at 1,000 frames per second, so it only seems appropriate to see what super slow motion looks like on the dirt.

Bubba makes it look easy when viewed frame-by-frame at these speeds, but, as anyone who's ever thrown a leg over a motocross bike's saddle some 40-inches above the ground will tell you, there's nothing easy about it. Whether skimming the top of the whoops, railing through a tight turn or flying through the air like an acrobat on wheels, we're simply in awe of Stewart's abilities aboard his dark blue steed.

We highly suggest you click past the break to watch the video, it's well worth your time.

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