Tata eMO is a $20,000 EV that will never be made

Tata eMO
Tata eMO
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Tata is working on another electric vehicle. Like the Indica Vista EV from Tata Motors from a few years ago, the all-electric eMO from Tata Technologies (another part of the much larger Tata Group) shows off Tata's global efforts to move vehicles off of gasoline.

With a 100-mile range and a top speed of 65 miles per hour, the electric MObility (eMO) concept looks good on paper, most importantly the idea that it could be sold for $20,000 before incentives, as Tata Technologies' Nigel Giddons told The New York Times. Even though the concept is not intended for production, Tata thought thorugh ways to save money throughout the manufacturing process. The way this low number was achieved was through a minimalistic attitude of the interior (á la the low-cost Nano) and by allowing the electric powertrain to dictate some unusual design choices. There's no traditional b-pillar, for example, since the rear doors are suicide-style to create a large opening for getting in and out and for putting cargo in the back seats. You have to used the side doors, since there is also no rear hatch, which reduces weight. In a statement, Warren Harris, Tata Technologies President and Global COO, said the, "eMO project symbolizes the coming of age of Indian automotive engineering."

We'll see more of the eMO at the Michelin Challenge Design during the 2012 Detroit Auto Show next week. This year, the MCD's theme is, "City 2046: Art, Life and Ingenuity – Transforming Personal Mobility." An EV with a 100-mile range for just $20,000 may sound good in 2012, but by 2046, we assume this won't be enough.

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