Traveling across Australia's Outback by Mercedes-Benz G-Class

If you've ever taken a good long look at the Mercedes-Benz G-Class and wondered just how tough the leather-lined SUVs are compared to their military-grade counterparts, Inside Line has the answer for you. Corespondent Alistair Weaver joined up with a Mercedes-Benz convoy in a G of his own as the company took off across Australia's infamous stock route. The trail is little more than a dusty path scrawled across the outback. Weaver braved vicious washboard roads, insects, snakes, dead camels and heinous heat to make the trek. How did his G Wagen handle the rough roads and deep sands? Let's just say there were a few issues.

For starters, the washboard dirt tracks made short work of the AMG's Bilstein rear shocks, forcing mechanics to pull the pieces altogether for one short stint before replacements could be flown in. Likewise, the spare tire carrier and both side-view mirrors suffered cracks along the way. Not surprisingly, the military-spec edition suffered no ills over the course of the trek. Hit the jump to check out the video for yourself.

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