Tata recalling all pre-2012 Nano models over bad starter

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Tata Motors has issued a recall for all Nano models manufactured between July 2009 and October 2011. The company will replace the vehicles' starter motors free of charge. And while the Indian automaker has declined to say just how many vehicles will be affected by the recall, local news reports have said as many as 145,000 Nano vehicles will receive a new starter. Tata says the recall has been underway for some time, noting it has already replaced somewhere around 50,000 starters to date. The entire recall program is expected to cost Tata around $20.8 million at current conversion rates.

The automaker has released an updated version of the Nano called the Nano 2012. The revised model is not included in the recall.

Tata hasn't seen the sort of sales success the company had hoped for with the world's least expensive new car. From labor unrest to perception issues to a wave of fires and safety upgrades, the Nano has had a hard row to hoe since birth.

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