BMW makes a Christmas card the M way

'Tis the season for Christmas cards. Standing in the aisles at Hallmark or the local grocery store, spending endless hours searching for just the right bifold slip of paper to express your own vision of the Christmas Spirit for your significant other, your mom, your dad, your brothers and sisters, grandparents and that irritating guy from accounting. And then spending a ludicrous amount on the dozen cards you've collected at the checkout lane while not being completely happy with any of them. You know the drill...

There must be a better way.

May we humbly suggest you try your hand at making a personalized card at home? It doesn't have to be complicated... it's the thought that counts, remember? And no matter how bad you are at drawing or expressing your innermost feelings, it's got to turn out better than the card drawn by a professional illustrator that you'll see in the video after the break.

Okay, perhaps we're not being fair. It's not that the illustrator drew a bad card, really. It's more that the card was more representative of the effects of a professional driver on a racetrack with a 2012 BMW M5. In fact, as far as we're concerned, the card is perfect. Check it out on video after the break.

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