Driver launches car, crashes through roof of business

Police in Santa Fe, Texas are currently searching for a man who catapulted his Subaru WRX through the roof of a local business. Police say 20-year-old Roy Morales was traveling around 90 miles per hour at two in the morning when he blew through a dead-end street and crossed a set of raised train tracks.

The tracks sent the vehicle airborne over a distance of 100 feet before the car came crashing through the roof of a local septic business. Realizing he had both literally and figuratively found himself in a world of crap, Morales fled the scene and later called the police to report his vehicle stolen.

At that point, police were able to coax a confession from Morales, who now faces potential charges ranging from reckless driving to false reporting of a crime. Morales has yet to actually turn himself in.

Michael Robinson, the owner of Gulf Coast Aerobic Services, says Morales' stunt inflicted around $25,000 worth of damage, but that he's grateful no one was hurt in the incident. That includes the would-be stunt driver. Hit the jump to watch a local news report.

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